Which Grind is Right For You?​

Making a great cup of coffee requires more than just great coffee beans. The beans need to be ground correctly to deliver the best flavour, and it’s important to choose the right grind for the type of coffee that you want to drink.

The reason grind is important is largely because it defines the surface area of the coffee, allowing the right amount of water to come into contact with the bean. Too much and it will likely be bitter, too little and it will be tasteless.

Different types of brew require different grinds, because their preparation process is different, so we’ve broken down the different types of grind, to help you choose the right one for your needs.

The perfect choice for the household which doesn’t settle on one particular type of brew. Our roasted beans come fit and ready to be ground to suit the type of drink you feel like, be that very coarse, or super fine.​

Our Cafetiere grind is perfectly coarse, giving plenty of surface area from which the water may draw flavour during the 4-minute brewing process. If you use a French Press, this is the grind you need for a perfect brew.

Our Dripper is a medium-fine grind, which will suit most automatic drip machines perfectly, as it allows for maximum flavour during the brisk brewing process associated with cone-shaped filters.

Our Aeropress grind is a medium coarseness, allowing for the perfect release of flavours during brewing. This grind is versatile and will deliver great flavour whether you choose to go for a speedy or slower brew.

Everyone’s favourite pick-me-up requires finely ground beans, to allow the water maximum contact during the short, high-pressure brewing process. A more coarse grind simply won’t deliver the delicious flavour.

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